Healthy Travel Snacks

Healthy Travel Snacks

by Alpino Health Foods Private Limited on Mar 29, 2022

Do you have thoughts of travelling? Well, almost 2 years of lockdown and uncountable restrictions did pin you down at your home, but as the situation is getting better by the day, you may resume travelling soon. You may have made a bucket list of all the places you intend to visit in the coming years.So plan your first trip, but also take care of all the necessary things you will need.

Besides other things that you need, you definitely should not miss out on keeping a few snacks handy. Why?

Why do you need to carry snacks while travelling?

You need to have snacks with you because eating healthy while you travel would save you from:

  1. Making unnecessary purchases that may cause you to go over your budget may cause you to go over it.
  2. That would keep you healthy throughout the trip.
  3. It would prevent you from gaining weight.
  4. What could be better than carrying your own healthy snack with you and eating it whenever you want?

Let us tell you some of the healthy snacks that you could carry with you while travelling that are both healthy and convenient.

Healthy Snacks for Travelling-

  1. Fruits have to be your number one snack because, well, simply because they are the most healthy and convenient option whatsoever. An apple can be kept in any corner of your bag, and you can just take it out at any point in time and enjoy it.
  2. Rice Cake: Rice cake is another delicious snack that can be carried while travelling. It's lightweight and comes in various pack sizes, so you can choose according to your preference. Rice cakes are light but are filling at the same time. These could be the perfect snacks when you have nothing fresh to eat while travelling and you are super hungry. Alpino offers rice cakes in the combo pack of Rice Cakes+Chocolate Peanut Butter. How about checking that out too?
  3. Dry fruits and nuts: Dry fruits and nuts are snacks that have been approved by your mother, so you know that they are super healthy, and by experience, we know that dry fruits and nuts are super filling. They are the best things you can crunch on when you just want to binge on something during locomotion.
  4. Popcorn: Plain popcorn is also a good option when you are looking for some snacks for travelling. You simply can not resist the urge to binge while travelling, as you unknowingly walk more than you realise, so why not pack some popcorn and enjoy it as a treat after all that walking?
  5. Travel friendly peanut butter: You might be thinking that this thing doesn't even exist and peanut butter jars are not at all travel-friendly, so there's no chance you could have your favourite peanut butter while travelling. This time you are wrong. Don't worry, they don't come in jars or anything else other than easy-squeezy packs.Alpino has brought out its peanut butter range in travel-friendly easy squeezy packs, so that you can enjoy your favourite peanut butter even while travelling and keep those protein amounts in check.

Alpino easy squeezy flavours -

Alpino easy squeezies are available in 4 flavours: natural peanut butter, classic peanut butter, chocolate peanut butter, and coconut peanut butter. You can even buy our all in 1 combo pack. All of these squeezies are available in smooth texture and in 200g packs.

These are all our recommendations for you on the snacks that you could carry while travelling. Let us know about any other snacks that you feel are convenient enough to be carried on trips.

Also, check out Alpino online store to have a look at the various products that we offer.


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