“Alpino Doesn’t Just Offer Healthy Products, IT OFFERS A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE.”

What do we do?

Alpino is one of the initial purveyors of health foods in India, along with various high protein food products. With its Head Office in Gujarat, India, Alpino has established itself as a notable name for products that are hygienically prepared with best quality raw materials & strict quality control. It is majorly known for its Peanut Butter, that is consumed by all, regardless of their age. It has different variants and flavours of peanut butter so that everyone has a choice according to their convenience and guilty pleasures. It also offers Super Muesli, Apple Cider Vinegar and Organic Green Tea.


In such a competitive market, we try to stay one step ahead of our competitors. We have a passion to keep evolving as a brand by offering different variants and flavours so that everyone has a choice according to their convenience and guilty pleasures. While we always strive to keep evolving, we ensure to not compromise on consumer satisfaction by sustaining our products' quality.


Alpino aims to revolutionise the Health Foods Segment in India by offering the range of superfoods for every household and every age groups to make a real difference in people’s everyday life.


During our inception in 2016, the health foods category was at a rise and more and more people were leaning towards a healthy lifestyle. With our peanut butter being one of the first of its kind in the health foods segment, people started including it in their daily diets. With the right advertising and marketing and through word of mouth, we were able to position our brand in the market as one of the best health foods brand!


We at Alpino make sure that the quality of our products is always supreme, our passion to grow and zeal to provide products that are best for our customers. We constantly try to re-invent and explore our surroundings. We believe and follow sustainable ways of growing and manufacturing our products. We also pride ourselves in identifying and prioritising the satisfaction of our customers.


We’ve had an amazing journey coming to where we are today. Six classmates from Engineering and Business Backgrounds together found Alpino. Dedication, Passion and Right choice of the Products and Consumers are leading the company to success.