Easy Indian Snacks To Make In 5 Minutes

Easy Indian Snacks To Make In 5 Minutes

by Alpino Health Foods Private Limited on Mar 22, 2022

Snacks are our saviours when our body out of nowhere decides that it wants to have something tasty. The hormones become ready to trouble us in every form if we don't eat anything immediately. Isn't it?
With this emergency situation going on, the brain signals us that we should not eat anything we see first in our kitchen because of the "healthy" snacking resolution you took.
With all this chaos and so many signals, you are bound to get irritated and angry. (No wonder people call you a beast when you are hungry).

But don't you worry! We will never be hangry (angry because of hunger) as we are going to tell you 5 Indian healthy snacks recipes that you will be able to prepare in under 5 minutes.

So let's get started before your next wave of hangry surfaces.

1. Sesame and chocolate peanut butter ladoo

While til (sesame) and gur ladoos are common in the Indian household, we have brought a twist to make them quicker and healthier. We present before you Til and chocolate peanut butter ladoos.

Ingredients -

Roasted til or sesame seeds
Alpino chocolate peanut butter

Combine both of these ingredients and use your hands to shape them into ladoos and enjoy this quick healthy snacks Indian within no time.

2. Muesli and peanut butter protein ladoo

Muesli is a healthy combination of all the good ingredients. But we will twist it in our very Indian way.

Ingredients -
Alpino muesli
Alpino natural peanut butter

Combine both of these ingredients together and make them into the shape of lodoos. Put them into the freezer for 2 mins and enjoy these tasty and healthy Indian snacks.

3. Bhel puri

Who doesn't like crunchy and tasty bhel Puri? Sweets and savoury, lip smacking and spicy, this snack needs no convincing.

Ingredients -

Puffed rice
Imli/tamarind water
Mustard oil
Chilli powder
Chaat masala
Amchur powder

Combine all of these ingredients in a bowl, mix well and enjoy this quick healthy snacks Indian in 5 mins.

4. Cut fruits with peanut butter dip

The easiest and the most filling of the instant snacks. Trust us you will be addicted to this.

Just cut all of your favourite fruits. Take out a generous portion of alpino chocolate peanut butter in a bowl and that's it. Just dip those juicy vegetables into the creamy peanut butter and put a stop to your hunger.

5. Makhana and chana

This very Desi Indian snack is sure to fill you with tales literally no time to make.

Ingredient -


Just roast together a handful of chana and about 1 big bowl of makhana in some dei cow ghee.
Top them up with salt and chaat masala/amchur masala and it's ready.

These 5 Indian snacks are sure to satiate you and put those hormones back to normal.
Let us know what you think of the above snacks. Have you tried any of these snacks and do you like them?

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