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Alpino Natural Peanut Butter Smooth 1 KG | Unsweetened | 30 G Protein | 100% Roasted Peanuts | No Added Sugar, Salt or Hydrogenated Oils | High Protein Peanut Butter Creamy | Gluten-Free | Vegan

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  • No Trans Fat
  • No Cholesterol
  • Rich Source of Fibre
  • 35% Protein Per Serving Of 32 G
  • Good Source Of Vitamins E, B3 & B6
  • Unsweetened | Made with 100% Roasted Peanuts | No Added Sugar | No Added Salt | No Hydrogenated Oils | Non-GMO | Gluten-Free | Vegan
  • 35% Protein | Rich Source Of Fibre | No Trans Fat | No Cholesterol
  • Good Source Of Vitamins E, B3 & B6 | Rich In Minerals: Iron, Magnesium, Phosphorous And Potassium
  • Oil Separation Is Natural Process, Stir Well Before Use Together With The Confidence Of Knowing Your Peanut Butter Contains No Stabilizers Or Fillers.
  • Manufactured Under US FDA, APEDA, BRC, FSSC, HALAL, KOSHER, FSSAI, GMP, ISO 22000 Certified Facility, Under Strict Quality Control.
Store in a cool, dry and hygienic place. Away from direct sun light.
  • Lowers cholesterol levels
  • Aids in weight loss/gain
  • Promotes muscle growth
  • Boosts heart health
  • Boosts energy

Hear it from our

The reason behind our Better Taste!

  • Roasted Peanuts

    Rich in protein & contains good
    fats that lower cholestrol


Looks Tempting.
Tastes Best with Everything!

  • Make a Sandwhich

  • Use it as Salad Dressing

  • Blend into a Smoothie

  • Spread it on Pancakes

  • Make Cookies

Every Peanut Butter flavour is
Delicious & Unique!

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Roasted smooth peanut butter is the healthiest because of its rich nutrient, protein, and magnesium content.

    Creamy peanut butter has more protein content than the rest.

    Yes, smooth peanut butter is a good source of protein which promotes a feeling of fullness and hence results in weight loss.

    No, peanuts contain healthy oil, on the contrary, peanut butter helps in controlling cholesterol.

    Eating some amount of smooth peanut butter before bed helps in good sleep and prevents overeating the following day.

    Yes, one of the main contents of smooth peanut butter is oleic acid which helps in maintaining good blood sugar and pressure levels.

    Yes, banana and creamy peanut butter is a combination of fiber and protein, it makes you feel full and gives you sustained energy