Ways we drove sales even during the pandemic!

Ways we drove sales even during the pandemic!

by Alpino Marketing on May 22, 2021

The sudden onset of the pandemic was a surprising turn of events for many businesses. But for Alpino, it was a way to widen its healthy lifestyle approach by helping people stay on top of their health. Alpino became the go-to health foods brand amongst fitness enthusiasts and people looking to embrace mindful living. The pandemic did not hamper our sales growth but fueled it. 

Check out how Alpino did it all!

  1. Products for your better health - Alpino has a range of superfoods that are a rich source of protein and help boost the immune system. It proved to be beneficial as this was the need of the hour. A healthy snack to consume that was equally tempting while you are stuck at home.
  2.  Ensured safe product delivery - The sudden lockdown proved to be a hurdle. But the team overcame it by ensuring that all the product deliveries were under strict Covid guidelines. The team made sure to deliver the products at the doorstep with no contact.

  3.  Launched new superfoods - We successfully expanded our product range by introducing Organic Green Tea and India's first Coconut Peanut Butter. These products proved to be an enormous hit amongst our target group as they were equally healthy and delicious! 

  4.  Ease of access - All our products were widely available. They were accessible from our official website and also various e-commerce platforms. Alpino has an extensive reach offline presence in cities pan India. It allowed our consumers to stock up on immunity-boosting health foods without any hustle. 

The demand and supply of our products were well balanced and played a role in our successful sales growth. Crisis or not, working together as a team makes everything possible for us!


Alpino Organic Apple Cider Vinegar

Alpino Organic Apple Cider Vinegar

Rs. 490.00

100% Raw, Unfiltered & Unpasteurized | With Mother of Vinegar | Helps in Weight Loss | Naturally Rich in Antioxidants | Contains No Added Flavours or Preservatives

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