Snacking On The Go

Snacking On The Go

by Alpino Marketing on Aug 03, 2021

In the fast-paced world, people have forgotten that a healthy diet is imperative for survival. They eat, but they eat food items that do not do good to them in any aspect. These food items worsen their health slowly. But who has time to eat a three-course meal? We don't. But that doesn't mean that we can not eat a healthy meal on the go. We are here to tell you about some of the healthy yet tasty grab-and-go snacks you can have when you don't have time to sit and eat.

Roasted chickpeas - 

Full of protein, this snack is as healthy as it can get. Chickpeas are our beloved snack. But when they are served hot and crunchy and full of our favourite spices, then they will win the hearts of even those who don't like it. The best part of this snack is that it will taste like you want it to be. How? Well, you are the one making it. Add all your favourite spices and enjoy. Are you craving some pizza? Just add chilli flakes and oregano and dried pizza sauce powder onto your chickpeas, and enjoy your healthy pizza right there. Interesting, right? Plus also healthy. A win-win situation is what this is. 

Hummus and veggies - 

Another chickpea recipe that we love is hummus. I mean, go anywhere around the world, and you will find hummus on the menu. It is a dish to adore. The rich taste of the chickpeas and the silky smooth texture, that melt-in-your-mouth feel is what we love. But this can also be a quick snack. Just grab all your favourite veggies and dip them into the hummus, and voila, you have the most satisfying snack ever. Carrots, cucumbers or radishes. Any vegetable that you like, you can pair it up with your hummus. It would not just be a healthy snack. It would be a tasty and healthy snack, not to mention filling.

Mixed nuts - 

Mixed nuts are a great way of getting all the essential oils into your body that you require. Fibre, antioxidants, nutrients, you name the benefits, and you will get all that in a handful of mixed nuts. They are also the easiest snacking option. You may add the nuts as you like, baked or maybe salted. They are even easy to carry anywhere and everywhere. They are also filling, and what else do we want other than our favourite nuts for snacks, right?

Almond butter - 

Almond butter is another great snack option. Almonds would have been a snack on their own, but you can even have them in the form of butter. The rich, silky and smooth taste we crave, will be very well provided by almond butter. You can have it with wholewheat bread or use other things to dip in it and eat. 

Peanut butter - 

Peanut butter is the most favourite snack of everybody. From breakfast to snacks, it is the best snack for any time and every time. The health benefits and the amount of protein that peanut butter gives is unmatchable. And there are uncountable ways of eating peanut butter. So try out a few recipes, find your favourite way of having it and start enjoying it as a snack. 

Seeds - 

Eating seeds such as pumpkin seeds or flax seeds have become a trend nowadays. But the practice of eating seeds has been going on since the beginning of time. Trends only benefit us, and eating seeds has only made them available for everybody. So what are you waiting for? Grab a pack of roasted, unsalted seeds and have snacks that will improve your health too. 

Muesli - 

Muesli is the second most loved snack of all time. Packed with all the good things: muesli is tasty, healthy, fun to eat and comes in variations. It is very famous among kids as they like to find their favourite ingredient from the entire mixture and it is a game for them. There are a lot of ways to eat muesli. Find yours and enjoy it on the go.

Fruits - 

There are no surprises to see fruits in the list of possible snack options. Our mothers have always been asking us to eat fruits for snacks. You can eat your favourite fruit as a snack or even cut the fruits and make a bowl and enjoy it with some honey or chia seed on the top. Whatever your way of having them maybe, eat fruits instead of the unhealthy snacks available in the market because you also know you require the good nutrients of the fruits. 

Greek / flavoured yoghurt - 

Yoghurt is a very versatile snack. You may eat it with vegetables. You may cut fruits in it and enjoy it. You may also make a thick dip of hung curd and enjoy it as a dip. You may add honey and raisins and even season them with your favourite flavour. There are innumerable ways of having curd, and therefore, yoghurt is here on our list. It is also a very convenient snack. For all the times we have been craving ice cream and not allowed to eat it. Yoghurt has always come to our rescue. It will also be a great snacking option if you find out your favourite way of having it.

Dark chocolate - 

Many of us love chocolates, but a true chocolatier would tell you that the regular chocolates available in the market are nowhere close to the taste of original chocolate. They contain a lot of unwanted sugars contained in them. The real chocolates are a little bitter and have a very sharp taste. All those people who want to make their health better by eating chocolate. Should snack on some dark chocolate. It has a lot of health benefits, unlike the ones available in the market. Also, you can have a dark chocolate shake and trust us it will make you a fan.

Vegetable chips - 

Baked vegetable chips with our favourite seasoning might be a good snack for you. It is healthy and also tasty. Plus, the crunchiness will make you a fan. Pick your favourite vegetable and cut them into thin slices, brush them with oil or butter and put them in the oven till they are crispy. You may have them without any guilt at any time of the day. 

These were some of our recommendations on the go-to snacks. Let us know which of these you like the best and which are you most excited to try as your snacks.

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