Junk Food Cravings? Try These Healthy Snacks!

Junk Food Cravings? Try These Healthy Snacks!

by Alpino Health Foods Private Limited on Apr 16, 2022

We all know that we crave junk food, and let's confess this: tasty food is all we want. But health should not be taken for granted in the process of satisfying our taste buds. Therefore, all we need to do is to maintain a balanced equation between healthy and tasty food.

In this blog, we will tell you which healthy snacks you could reach for when you are craving something tasty.

Instead of just telling you about some snacks, we will instead take up questions that commonly arise in your mind at some point during your "stay healthy" resolution.
So let's start!

1 Why do I only want to eat junk food?

Good question! People generally get addicted to junk foods for the sole reason of their being tasty. The ingredients, oil, and excessive spices in it do taste good, but on the other hand, they are highly dangerous for your health.

Once you start eating healthy, you will find that healthy food is tasty too.

Take the example of peanut butter. You might be consuming peanut butter even now. Little did you know that it is super healthy for you and is the best craving satisfaction when you are looking for something tasty.

2 How do you beat hunger cravings?

Well, the simplest answer to this question is that you don't need to beat your cravings. You eat whenever you have a craving for a snack!Now, we are not telling you to eat anything. Instead, we are telling you to eat healthy. Yes! Every time you are craving a snack, eat a snack that is healthy. For example, nuts and seeds, peanut butter, green tea, rice cake, fox nuts, and ets are all healthy. Other than these, fruits are always a good option.

So basically, you don't have to fight with yourself when you crave something to eat. Instead, you need to provide your body with healthy and satiating snacks.

3 Which are the five healthiest snacks I can munch on?

Healthy snacks should not be thought of as boring or less tasty snacks. Healthy snacks are tasty as well as healthy.
The five snacks that we recommend are:

  1. Peanut butter - Try Alpino’s High Protein Peanut Butter.
  2. Nuts and seeds - You can try sun dried pumpkin seeds, melon seeds etc. in breakfast.
  3. Rice cakes - Try our combo of 1 kg peanut butter & Grainic organic rice cakes.
  4. Fruits - Seasonal fruits reduce the risk of lifestyle related illness.

If you want to satiate yourself and avoid bingeing on any kind of unhealthy snack, then you should go for these snacks instead.

4 Which snacks have 100 calories each?

100-calorie snacks are snacks that you could eat in large quantities, but their calorie count is only limited to 100 calories or less. This way, you can binge on them and not feel guilty afterwards.

Popcorn, nuts and seeds, fruits and ets come under this.

By now, you must have understood that healthy food can be tasty too. The examples of snacks that we have given above might be your favourite too. So why not include them in your diet and enjoy them daily? If you are looking for healthy snack options, then you can check out Alpino.

Alpino Health Foods provides the best snacks that are healthy and tasty. We have a wide range of peanut butter products that will satisfy your hunger cravings and your tummy's cravings at the same time. The flavours, the texture, the taste, all will make you a fan. So hurry and check out our website to look at the products that we offer.

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