How To Stay Guilt-Free & Enjoy This Wedding Season?

How To Stay Guilt-Free & Enjoy This Wedding Season?

by Alpino Marketing on Feb 17, 2022

Weddings are a time when we forget about our diets, resolutions, and fitness goals. We tend to go overboard and always eat the things we shouldn’t. Well, we understand that weddings are really special occasions, but all we are saying is that your diet and fun at weddings can go hand in hand. Read on to know how!  

Tips that will save you from the guilt of eating your favourite “Shaadi ka khana” - 

1. Drink loads of water -

This classic rule is classic for a reason. It has actually been found in studies that your stomach cannot differentiate between food and water when hungry, we can’t say how far this is true but if it’s helping you eat less of that oily food, then it's a thumbs up for us. You should also drink water to avoid getting dehydrated, as weddings could get a bit hectic sometimes.  

2. Say NO to fried food -

You might think that you can eat all of those oily dishes now and will exercise later, but wait, think again! No matter how scrumptious those kebabs or chole bhature looks, you need to avoid indulging in that blissful sin. Instead, you can go for healthier options like baked kebabs or Tawa kulchas. The possibilities are endless if only you avoid getting distracted. 

3. Say NO to Alcohol -

Your friends might force you in sipping on a drink or two but staying true to yourself is important too. Not only Cocktails but also avoid Mocktails, as they are loaded with sugar and calories. Instead, you can sip on water after every half-an-hour to avoid getting the temptation of drinking alcohol. 

4. The Lemon Water hack -

Another classic tip but trust us, it really helps! Before the festivities begin, try indulging in some hot lemon water. Even during the day, try having it once or twice. This way you can save yourself from the guilt of eating that extra piece of dessert at the end of the meal, and it will also keep you hydrated throughout. Smart move, isn’t it? 

5. Burn the dance floor -

Now we are talking! Show your moves to everyone out there. It will not only impress all your relatives, friends and specially your crush, but will also make you lose some calories. How cool, right? Also, even during the sangeet function practises, try having multiple rehearsals. That glow after a good sweaty performance would only make you look extra attractive. 

6. Munch on some healthy snacks from home -

This is hands down the best advice you could receive. Before leaving home for the festivities, you should indulge in your favourite healthy snacks. This will ensure you are full of all the good stuff so you won’t have cravings to eat anything unhealthy, and will give you the energy to carry on with the day. You can go for high protein healthy snacks like peanut butter that would make you feel full for longer, or maybe muesli that contains all the good things. 

Wondering where to find authentic peanut butter and muesli? Well, ALPINO can help.

Alpino healthy foods -  

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In our Super Muesli range, we have two variants - Alpino Super Muesli Fruit and Nuts, and Alpino Super Muesli Nut Delight. Both of these variants contain all the natural and pure ingredients. 

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