Alpino Peanut Butter – Healthy alternative for your child

Alpino Peanut Butter – Healthy alternative for your child

by Alpino-in Admin on Jan 15, 2021

Peanut Butter is world’s most loved spread. It can go with anything from bread slices to fruits and veggies. It also plays a great alternative for dessert cravings. With Peanut Butter available in crunch, smooth, chocolate and other flavours, your child can now have a healthy alternative for sweetened fruit jams, Nutella, mayonnaise and more. Let us have a glance at how Alpino Peanut Butter can be a super healthy alternative for your child.

Packed with Nutrients:

Peanut Butter is an amazing source of protein, Vitamin B, fiber, folic acid and iron. It is high in monounsaturated fats and helps in preventing heart diseases. While some brands may offer Peanut Butter that contain trans-fat, Alpino, on the other hand, offers an all natural Peanut Butter which is made with hydrogenated oil. A jar of all natural Peanut Butter like Alpino may have the peanut oil floating on the top. Nothing to worry about though, it is just monounsaturated fat. One should be sure to stir it well in order to blend the oil into the butter, otherwise it would be difficult to spread the butter. As per various studies, two tablespoons of Peanut Butter contains 28 percent of RDA protein which is very beneficial for children under the age of 10.

Kids like the taste:

Pediatricians claim that even the fussiest kids end up liking Peanut Butter. It is one of the world’s most loved spreads. Research shows that some kids actually eat food with Peanut Butter that they normally wouldn’t try. Some children also like to dip their foods into Peanut Butter or use it as a dressing. You can try it with bread, pretzels and even fruits and vegetables. Alpino offers a wide variety of Peanut Butter like crunchy, smooth or flavours like Honey, Chocolate, etc. This gives your kids all the more reason to consume Peanut Butter happily.


If you are on a budget for groceries, Peanut Butter is an easy choice to make, as it is inexpensive. While it is low on cost, it is a great source of protein. It doesn’t necessarily have to be refrigerated and can stored in a cool dry place after opening. However, natural Peanut Butter like Alpino must be refrigerated as it does not consist of any preservatives, unlike other ones. While other health foods like organic veggies are comparatively expensive, Peanut Butter is an inexpensive option for a healthy snack.

Energy Booster:

No wonder people tend to have peanut butter for breakfast, as it contains calories that gives you lots of energy first thing in the morning.

It is not a surprise that people often consume Peanut Butter for breakfast as it contains calories that offer a lot of energy to help you begin your day with a bang. It is a great breakfast option for kids as it boosts their energy and immune system, hence keeping up with their active lifestyle.

It contains Potassium:

Peanut Butter is rich in potassium which helps the kidneys in filtering fluids and in handling blood pressure and your nervous system. Potassium is essential to maintain a healthy lifestyle from the early years of your life.

It lowers the chances of developing Diabetes:

Studies show that consumption of 2 tablespoons of Peanut Butter 5 days a week can help reduce the chances of developing Diabetes. Alpino is made of all natural ingredients and is great contributor to a healthy lifestyle from the beginning itself.

Fantastic for Bone Health:

Since Alpino Peanut Butter consists of magnesium, which is not only good for bone health but also helps in muscle recovery. Hence, its essential for kids to consume the product as it can help prevent easy fractures or muscle damage.

Rich in fibre:

There are two grams of fibre in two tablespoons of Peanut Butter. Fibre helps keep your digestive systems healthy. Alpino Peanut Butter is super rich in fibre and a great substitute to a lot of health foods that picky kids do not like to eat.

Variety in flavours:

Alpino Peanut Butter comes in various flavours like honey, unsweetened, chocolate and more. It is a known fact that kids love Chocolate and Alpino offers the right product to them. It is not only healthy but also delicious. Kids can consume it in milk, like a smoothie, with bread or even fruits and vegetables.

Keeps junk at bay:

With a healthy option like Peanut Butter, which is delicious and deeply loved by most of the kids, junk food like noodles, soft drinks and sweets remain at bay. When you offer such a scrumptious snack option to your kid, he/she is meant to skip unhealthy fast food.

Tummy Filling

Just 2 tablespoons of Peanut Butter is so tummy filling for kids that they wouldn’t bother you with their frequent hunger pangs very soon.

No cooking needed

Since you can consume it directly with anything like bread, milk, cookies, fruits, etc, it is a great snack option in absence of an adult’s supervision. Children do not have to use the stove to prepare something with Alpino Peanut Butter.

Healthy dessert alternative

Kids often tend to crave for sugar or sweets. Peanut Butter is a great alternative for those dessert cravings amongst kids. It not only keeps the dental hygiene in order, but also helps in building a good immune system.

No preservatives

No parent would want their kids to consume preserved food. We all aim to consume natural products for a healthier and better lifestyle. Alpino offers a wide range of Peanut Butter in different flavours which are made of all natural products.

Convenient to carry:

Alpino Peanut Butter can be considered as an ideal travel partner. All you need is to carry a small jar of the product in your bag and use it whenever you hunger pangs hit.

Can prepare by themselves

Since Peanut Butter does not need to be cooked and can be consumed directly, it is something that kids can make by themselves easily. They do not need an adult’s help to spread it on a slice of bread or mix it in a glass of milk. This makes it a convenient alternative for healthy food consumption instead of fast food.


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