India’s first most natural form of protein

The World’s First Peanut Protein - Safe, Natural, and Delicious

Alpino Supernatural Peanut Protein Powder - The Perfect Way To Fill Your Protein Needs for Everyone, from Kids to Your Grandparents.

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We’ve not even launched properly and Reviews have started coming in !

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“Drinking Whey Protein was risky and plant protein tasted very bad ! Peanut Protein being so natural was the best option !”

After So Many Protein Powders,
Why is India Still Protein Deficient?

Over 80% of Indians still don't get enough protein in their daily diet!

There is soo much fear around supplements that people don’t even want to risk trying any supplement !

Will I develop kidney problems?
Is it fake?
Is it real?

Is this safe for my digestion?

The result?  Millions of Indians, especially those who NEED protein the most - your growing children and your aging parents - are protein deficient.

 We launched

After Years Of Research We Found Peanut Protein that requires least processing to extract protein

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Approved by 1000+ certified gainers

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Compare Alpino Peanut Protein with whey and plant proteins

Backed by Science and Trusted by Experts

Developed in the Netherlands with the highest quality standards

5.1g BCAAs for Muscle Growth and Recovery

Complete amino acid profile

Least Processed for faster absorption

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Simple and Convenient

Step 1

Mix one scoop of Alpino Peanut Protein

Step 2

Add 8oz of water or your favorite beverage

Step 3

Shake well

Step 4

Enjoy the rich dark chocolate flavor

Loved by Experts and Athletes

From well-known personalities and influencers who use Alpino Peanut Protein.

Alexander Thompson

Alexander Thompson

Alexander Thompson

Alexander Thompson

Our Commitment to Quality




Ingredients curated
for maximum impact


for perfection

Transform Your Health with Alpino Peanut Protein

Describe how life will improve after using the product.

Increased energy levels

Better muscle recovery

Improved overall health and well-being

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