How To Make Peanut Butter A Staple For Your Kid?

How To Make Peanut Butter A Staple For Your Kid?

by Alpino Marketing on Oct 04, 2021

Peanut butter is delicious and is packed with nutrients. It is, in short, a superfood. Other than being delicious in taste and its satiating nature, it also helps in boosting immunity. Therefore, it is supposed to be introduced in your child’s diet as soon as they start having solids. If your baby has started on solids and you’re planning to introduce it to your little one, you will want to know when you should include it in her diet and how? 

We are here to tell you everything about the procedure to introduce peanut butter in your kid’s diet plan. Have a look - 

When to Introduce Peanut Butter to Babies?

This question is quite common. As some people are allergic to peanuts, they are generally hesitant about feeding them to their babies too. It can be introduced to babies after they turn 10 months, but in small quantities. Research has shown that introduction of peanuts early in life will help in preventing peanut allergy in the future. Therefore, give your kid peanut butter in small quantities first to see if there has been an allergic reaction in your child too. 

How to introduce Peanut Butter to Infants?

You should consult a Pediatrician before feeding your kid any new kind of food. 

Here are some points that you should consider before introducing peanut butter to your kids-

  • Peanut butter should be diluted by adding a little hot water and made into a puree. Then give a little with a spoon and monitor your baby for 10-15 minutes for about 24 hours. If your baby is non-allergic, she will not have any reactions like hives, rashes, or respiratory problems. In that case, you can continue giving her peanut butter.
  • Start by giving a very small amount of peanut butter to your little one even if she has had no allergic reaction the first time.

Peanut butter recipes -

These recipes will help you feed the optimum amount of peanut butter to your infant in the right consistency. 

1. Peanut Butter Banana Smoothie -

It is a creamy and delicious milkshake which is prepared with bananas, peanut butter, and milk. It is very easy to make and is quite filling.

You will need -

2 medium Bananas
2 cups Milk 

Method - 

Peel the banana and put it in the blender. After adding milk and peanut butter, blend everything together. Once you get a smooth paste, serve it in a glass and feed it to your infant.


2. Coconut Peanut Butter Kulfi -

it is a traditional Indian Kulfi but with the twist of peanut butter.

You will need - 

1 litre milk 
2 tbsp sugar
A pinch of salt 

Method - 

In a pan, boil the milk, add the sugar and let it boil till the milk is reduced to half. Once the milk reduces to half, add peanut butter and salt. Mix it well, pour the mixture into kulfi moulds and deep freeze for 5-6 hours.You may even try feeding coconut peanut butter to your infants in a lot of different ways as well, you just need to maintain the consistency so that your infant is able to have it conveniently. 

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