A guide to stay healthy this holiday season

A guide to stay healthy this holiday season

by Alpino Marketing on Dec 20, 2021

Culinary traditions cross over generations and span continents. Though it’s good to loosen up a bit and treat yourself with a savoury treat or two this holiday season, it might knock you off your healthy lifestyle and seem inflexible to the robust meal plan that you tried your level best sticking to.

We are not saying that you should rethink the holiday entirely; we’re merely suggesting that you consider deviating from the same old plumcake that often sits at the center of the table. As great as a caramelised chicken can be, there are other options just as deserving out there.

Following are a few healthy eating habits that might help curb the craving while still enjoying all of the deliciousness that the holiday season unfolds. It’s time to switch up the age-old holiday meal norms into something nutritious and tasty.

1. Positive Focus:

Instead of trying to avoid certain food, try to find a positive outlook of your meal that will make you feel healthy in the process. Focusing on adding a healthier element might make you drift away from the junk that follows your mind everytime you eat.

2. Stay hydrated:

Are you HUNGRY or just THIRSTY? One might often confuse basic thirst as an urge to grab a bite or two. It’s perfectly normal to have an extra serving of your favourite cookies in between your meals but if you are not cautious enough, all those calories can pile up. Instead, try sipping a glass of water and stay hydrated.

3. Portion Control:

A crucial part of attaining your weight goals is to keep a check on the amount of food you consume. Over eating and over indulging can seriously mess with your blood sugar and bigger plates are a bad case of portion distortion. Outsmart your snacking habit by pre-portioning everything from crackers and almonds to oatmeal and pasta as soon as you get them.

4. Daily Exercise:

It’s hard enough to exercise with holidays and lavish food stock in the year end mix. Exercise becomes less of a priority as lazy winter mornings and late night campfires add to the list of December shenanigans. Get creative with your space and find ways to move your body daily. Take that extra lap at the mall while you shop for your perfect attire this Christmas or plunge into a game or two at football.

5. Pay attention to what really matters:

Although food is an integral part of everyone’s holidays, put the focus on family and friends, laughter and cheer. At the end of the day, who doesn’t love sharing and enjoying a quality time with one’s family and friends???

If balanced mindful eating and moderation are your usual guides, it’s okay to indulge in that mouth-watering cupcake or eat that delectable buffet once in a while; after all it’s the ultimate holiday season. Serious tactics are often needed to manage prickly relatives and awkward gifting moments during this festive season. Taking the same approach and applying it to your eating habits could have you enter the New Year feeling great and lively.

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