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Did You Know ?


Maltodextrin present in all mass gainers that un-naturally increase calories has been linked to an increased risk of developing life-altering conditions such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and metabolic syndrome if taken regularly

lead, arsenic, cadmium, and even mercury

Tests reveal that certain mass gainer shakes are contaminated with heavy metals like lead, arsenic, cadmium, and even mercury

You're unknowingly consuming a cocktail that could damage your organs and disrupt your hormonal balance…

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- Jay Anand

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4 Easy Ways of Adding Choco Oats In Your Bulking Diet 

Step 1

Blend it with mild and drink it as post workout

Step 2

Munching In Between Meals

Step 3

Eat it as pre- workout 30 min before - 50 gm only

Step 4

Do your own experiments we don’t mind !

Now You Have To Make A Choice !

You have got 3 choices
Choice 1

You don’t buy Alpino’s choco oats and stop mass gainers and you start eating more…

Yes You’ll Save Some Money but at some point you’ll hit fatigue and you’ll stop eating all together and will go back to the same place where you started

After 1 Year Same Old Skinny Guy Standing in front of mirror thinking why he wasn’t able to gain weight build muscle 

Choice 2

Keep drinking mass gainer, 

Yes you’ll gain weight very quickly but it’ll not all be muscle mass
Instead you’ll start getting belly fat and after a long time of consuming it you’ll start seeing the long term health consequences of Maltodextrin

Choice 3

You Buy Alpino’s Choco Oats

Yes you’ll have to spend some money now and you may not get a very quick weight gain but after a month you’ll start noticing a healthy gain in muscle mass without any belly fat or negative long term consequences…

Since it is tasty you’ll be consistent which will pay off results very soon…