Alpino Chocolate Oats 14 Days Satisfaction Guarantee

We have a 14 -day satisfaction guarantee which starts the day the order tracking shows as delivered.

By any means if you don’t like our product we’ll give you a refund to your original mode of payment of 90% of the amount. We deduct 10% for govt tax, packaging and shipping.

This satisfaction guarantee is only applicable to your first Order and not repeat order.

You’ll be excluded from the guarantee if you completed more than 50% of the package and then returned it.

The above terms and conditions are only valid on Alpino High Protein Super Rolled Oats Chocolate 400g and 1Kg varients only.

If you have any specific questions or concerns about this policy or anything else, please feel free to ask at

T & C

  • Not applicable on repeat orders.
  • Not applicable if you have consumed 50% of the product.
  • Only applicable on Chocolate Oats 400g and 1Kg varients.
  • Not applicable on Pack of 2 Kg.