The Anatomy of a Perfect Cup of Green Tea

“Life is like a cup of green tea, it’s all in how you make it”

Well, we may not have a perfect guide over living a carefree life, but we surely got some tips to help make a perfect cup of green tea. Due to the sheer popularity of the beverage, preparing tea correctly should be a basic skill everyone must learn. Most people tend to commit mistakes when it comes to preparing green tea. However, once you learn to make one correctly – you start experiencing a “whole new taste”.

Things you’ll need:-

  1. Green Tea Leaves: Preferably Alpino certified organic green tea as they are rich in anti-oxidants and FDA certified with no artificial flavours or sweeteners.
  2. Water – The type of water you use makes a significant difference. Try to use water that hasn’t been boiled previously. Bonus: Use Filtered water.
  3. Sweetener – An optional element though a little bit of honey can work wonders on those taste buds.
  4. Mug/Teacup – Larger servings can be handy enough with a teapot or a larger jug.
  5. Tea Strainer/sieve – Another optional aspect, but convenient if you hate those loose leaves floating in your tea.

Step-by-step Instructions:-

Pour considerable amount of water in your glass/mug first. Or, if you’re making a large amount, then into the jug/teapot. Then, add the tea leaves to the water. You can add them directly to the water or use a tea strainer. Steep the tea for three minutes. Though, depending on how strong you like your tea, the steeping time might vary. Preferable to keep tasting it after a minute and every 30 seconds until it’s right for you. The tea will become bitter/grassy if you steep it for too long. Add in the sweetener of your choice, and enjoy the essence of a perfect cuppa green tea!


  • Heat water to 80-85ºC (not boiling – this is the optimal green tea temperature to avoid a bitter taste). This is best done with a temperature-controlled kettle, however, you can also use a stovetop and thermometer or just heat the water to ‘just before boiling point’, when it simmers, and then allow to cool for a couple of minutes.
  • The leaves can expand and unfold in the water so it’s good to allow them plenty of space. Hence, large infusers are a great option instead of small strainers.
  • The above method also works for green tea teabags too – with the same temperature and steeping time suggestions.

Simple ways to increase the flavour of green tea:-

  1. Add a small piece of cinnamon or fresh ginger powder.
  2. Herbs: Try your hand at various herbs like mint, peppermint, or chocolate mint. Lemongrass is also a great option.
  3. Add some organic edible flower petals for extra flavour. Jasmine, lavender, and rose are the best enhancers with green tea. 
  4. You can also add natural essential oils for flavour.
  5. Use dried fruits as a natural flavour booster and sweeteners like mango, peach, pineapple, strawberry, blackberry, etc. 
  6. Citrus peel: Add a slice of lemon or even use lemon, orange, or grapefruit peels.
  7. Try experimenting the different flavours provided by our brand; mainly Tulsi, Lemon and Kahwa. An all-inclusive box of aromatic flavours sure to brew your mind.

Follow these steps and find yourself in the company of a great cup of green tea with equal words of praise from your friends and family for brewing one!!!!

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