Goodness and Green Tea!

It is the season of tea; or rather it is eternal tea time! The tea hogger in every tea lover can be unleashed excuse-freely at the slightest sight of a rainfall. There is a clan of bring-it-on attitude, for whom the variety doesn’t matter and tea is all they care for. Be it oolong tea, masala, or white, just about anything with tea written on it would make their faces shine bright! Then, there are the healthy yet tasty clan people who subconsciously keep the weighing machine at the back of their minds 24×7. 

Green tea is for them. It gives you the ‘chai and chill’ moments and at the same time keeps your health in check too! It keeps one away from the sugar and the cream of the milk and just gives you the goodness of tea. When consumed early in the morning, it gives you that refreshing feeling that stays on throughout the day. It contains antioxidants that boost our immune system to fight harmful microorganisms and also gives our skin a healthy glow.

Alpino has come up with it’s brand new Organic Green Tea, in which special attention has been given to the piquancy quotient of Green Tea by introducing two flavours, Tulsi and Lemon, which are a must-try! They can be consumed on their own or one could play with the ingredients in more ways than they could imagine. Honey and Lemon go pretty well together so adding some honey to the lemon flavoured Green Tea and some jaggery to the tulsi flavoured one, it could do wonders in enhancing the taste. 

Alpino Organic Tea has been made keeping in mind the health and fitness of all. With its fresh flavours and strong aroma, it is sure to entice people of all age groups! Replacing your early morning coffee with a cup of this finest blend of goodness will surely make a difference in your lifestyle. Give it a go, cause we are pretty sure that you won’t be disappointed with Alpino’s assortment of flavours. 


Alpino Certified Organic Green Tea - Lemon

Alpino Certified Organic Green Tea - Lemon

Rs. 249.00

Made with High Quality Roasted Peanuts, Cocoa Powder & Choco Chips | 100% Non-GMO | Gluten-Free | Vegan

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